Artworks in series

Many art consultants encourage artists to create their works in series. Advantages of creating artworks in a series include building a recognizable, cohesive body of work and having art dated to a certain period.


Picasso had his Blue & Rose Periods where he produced first the series of paintings that were predominantly blue. Then he created a series of paintings that followed the Blue Period and they were predominantly done in rose (shades of red). In a strange sort of a way, understanding a series is quite similar to that of a courtship process.

Allow me to explain:

  1. Boy Meets Girl | You see the artistic process from the beginning to an end. From Genesis to Completion. How the idea is originated and how it triggers other successive ideas.
  2. Getting to Know You | You begin to understand and appreciate how the artist defines his/her idea by saying everything without using any words. In other words, a story emerges.
  3. Experiencing Intimacy and Deep Connection | You become intimately familiar with the subject matter and experience a Eureka! moment. The journey that leads to a destination. The mystery is resolved bringing forth a sense of contentment.

At first glance, one series by an artist may not look much different from their other works. You are perceiving their branding, their style and overall consistent quality.

A series, however, has a special focus in regards to subject, size, colour, or concept. To illustrate, Red Delicious apples are different from Granny Smith’s. They both are apples and similar in size but both belong to different class or variety. In other words, a series exploits different perspectives and angles of the same thought, subject, or theme.

A full body of work of an artist may have some overlapping elements, but each series will have a special uniqueness that distinguishes them from the others.

By Roopa Dudley
Award-winning artist and an author of A Strategic Painter: Mastermind Your Craft.

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