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Sukey Bryan

In a series of paintings created by Sukey Bryan, all of the celestial nuances fuse over shapes of drift ice and flow through pools of freshwater in conversation with stirs of clouds. They colour the uncompromising traits of nature, standing as monuments to the shifts in climate and to the evolving life of the planet. Sukey Bryan is […]

Alex Steiner

Azure Blues I love BLUE. Always have. “BLUE.” Blue; reminds me of home. Azure blue reflections painted my childhood’s oceans. Oceans that glimmer with dad’s hue. Just like my eyes. “Blue,” the name everyone had taken me for and my eyes… Beginning with a short, emotional poem, Alex Steiner paints the story of Blue, the ode […]

Skott Chandler

Playing a role of “an omniscient voyeur,” Skott Chandler explores the relationships of humans with their homes, revealing how everyday routines correlate with personal environment. Skott Chandler is the Gold Artist of the ArtAscent “Home” Call For Artists! Read about this artist in the Home edition of ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal. www.skottchandler.com

Katherine Muir

Home Home is the word I hear most often during my work day. The people who say it do not mean their room in the nursing home, although the staff tells them that this is their new home. No, home to them is the place they left, often when their world changed in an instant […]

Michael Rand

Peculiar organic sculptures invented by Michael Rand instantly awaken the emotions of unease and curiosity. The initial impression incites the association to the terrifying designs of H.R. Giger, the mastermind behind the phantasmagoric image of Ridley Scott’s “Alien.” Rand’s figures are strange and puzzling, reminiscent of the familiar, but unlike Giger’s openly villainous creatures, they […]

Jason Gibbs

Shining Beacon He remembered her. Her mind was a shining beacon in the darkness. They’d met, banally, at a bar, and begun talking. Soon they were sharing intimacies as if they’d known each other for years. He’d told her so much, and she had reciprocated. He thought that – finally – his long night was […]

Aleta Lederwasch

There is a moment, when the eye first falls on one of Aleta Lederwasch’s drawings of female nudes, when the mind flutters back briefly to the nudes of Egon Schiele, prompted by the similar exaggerated elongation of the figures, the slight angularity to the bodies’ curves, and their familiar linearity. But where Schiele’s frequently androgynous […]

Writer S.B. Borgersen’s Success Story and ArtAscent’s Involvement

“It really feels like an ascent. Still climbing, the clouds almost touchable, the view becoming quite extraordinary and still not out of breath. It has been a busy year.” This is how Sue Borgersen begins her story In The Ascent, as posted in her blog. An emerging writer and artist, Sue has participated in several […]

Ney Milá

Deforestation isn’t a necessarily new narrative in the annals of art history – 19th century naturalist painters often depicted themes of industrialization and civilization as the ruin of nature, and other iterations of this theme most certainly existed even before them. Nevertheless, it is a subject as resonant today as it was in the early […]

Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore’s series Containment has the visual impact of stumbling upon a crime scene – a disembodied arm scrabbling to free itself from a boot, a face bulging from the rusted gash of a bucket, a body lamenting its entrapment amid the detritus crammed into a cooler – and yet it somehow manages simultaneously to offer […]