Catherine Owens

ArtAscent Distinguished Artist of the 2021 Winter call for artists

Distinguished Artist of the ArtAscent Winter call for entry. To see the full body of work, grab a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Winter issue.

Artist Statement

I want my photographs to move people and let them travel to different places and experience moments in ways they otherwise might not. I want to call attention to how perspective changes from person to person and how to see that change.

About My Work

These pieces show the still and calm of winter and how snow and leaves cling to branches in the still of winter. They show a moment of peace in a time where so much is happening. Going out and taking these photos allowed me time to get out of my home and go do something, which seems to rarely happen during the current pandemic. A pandemic that has again proven the need for dismantling systemic racism, classism, sexism, and the intersections of these national issues. These issues are present and the need to acknowledge and change these systems must be advocated for. Still, there is a need to take care of yourself and allow a moment to breathe when we can. I want these pieces to help people take that moment of calm.

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