P.M. Writer Using ArtAscent to Market His Writing for Years to Come

ArtAscent is a profound exhibition of international art and literature. The quality of the highlighted pieces is clearly that of a careful selection process. As an esteemed Gold Writer for the publication, I can say first hand, that they demonstrated unequivocal respect for my work. Oleksandra precisely articulated the dimensions of my story to an extent that superseded expectation.

ArtAscent’s welcoming of the abstract, obscure and atypical could not be more organized and comforting to the minds and hearts of the artistically inclined. Art has a tendency to persuade perceptions – expanding them beyond the standard realms of reality, but far too often, creativity is stifled by unimaginative editors or conventional beliefs. ArtAscent is holding true to the values of artists by allowing their creativity to be exposed uninhibited internationally. I am beyond grateful for my exposure and will use it as a means to market my writing for years to come.

By P.M. Writer
ArtAscent Art & Literature “Haunting” Issue Gold Artist

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