Our mission and service to other creatives

How it started.

As artists and writers ourselves, we enjoy recognition as part of our creative journeys. But we found that getting recognition in mainstream, big-brand-sponsored publications and galleries was difficult, if not nearly impossible. We saw the need for a more accessible venue through which more artists and writers could gain recognition. And so, we created ArtAscent – an unsnobby venue that does not focus on credentials, connections and previously attained recognition, but rather on the art and on the word when depicting a specific theme.

ArtAscent’s main function is to provide artists and writers an opportunity to have their work presented in a juried, high-quality art magazine.

This is a grassroots creative project that takes countless hours of design, writing, marketing, business administration and other talents. Based in Ontario, Canada, ArtAscent is neither a big brand, nor a charity; it does not receive government or charity grants or global brand advertising commissions. It’s a LOT of work, but helping artists and writers shine puts smiles on our faces, and the positive feedback we regularly receive makes it all worth it. (Read a few feedback highlights at the bottom of this page.)


How do I advertise?

Choose your preferred advertising options and submit your request using our Advertising application form.

Can I sponsor ArtAscent?

Yes, if you or someone you know would like to sponsor ArtAscent and help offset application fees, please tell them about our crowdfunding effort.

How many calls for artists and writers does ArtAscent offer?

We have a paid, themed call with a different theme every two months. There is also an annual paid opportunity in the ArtTreasury call. ArtAscent works to provide new ways to help artists and writers shine – within real logistical constraints. So, we also have three free calls with ongoing deadlines, open to anyone who has applied to a paid call in the past two years: Studio Spotlight call, Artist Interview call and Artist Techniques call. These feature artists and writers in professional spreads. To read some of these features, browse our past issues.

What other free publication opportunities are available?

Anyone may also apply – for free – to the Article Submissions call.

Why the fees to themed calls?

You can’t and shouldn’t work for free, and neither can nor should we. We are artists and writers who want to help other creatives shine. This is our creative work, this is our art. We are not a charity, and we are not backed by big money. ArtAscent offers a creative service (design, writing, layout, publication, social marketing) for a fee, as does any logistically sound business. Some submissions do not make it to publication, and any time spent evaluating them cannot otherwise be recovered by the publication team. Our platform is similar to that of many respected galleries and publications. If an artist or writer decides that this service can advance and inspire his or her creative journey, he or she can choose to apply. Otherwise, he or she can choose to focus on other self-promotion methods and creative goals. Whatever the path chosen, may it be filled with creativity and growth!

Why only publish some of the themed call applicants and not all of them?

ArtAscent doesn’t necessarily publish every themed call applicant. A jurying process is used to ensure a cohesive, interesting, varied, and surprising exhibition in print and online. Jurying is a respected and well-established process in the art world that encourages creative growth and provides recognition. It can be said that there are three key areas that can motivate an artist to create: artistic excellence, financial stability and recognition. Our juried magazine addresses the latter: recognition. Read an industry expert’s report on this (not affiliated with ArtAscent).

What does this service provide to selected artists and writers?

The main service is to have creative work presented in a high-quality art magazine – of which all selected applicants benefit. Another service provided is the writing of artist profiles. In ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal, the work of the top four selected themed-call applicants are analyzed, reviewed and reported in an artist profile written by our industry specialist writers. The reviews have triggered letters of appreciation by past applicants (which we love to receive!). To read feedback, browse the bottom of this page.

Other useful secondary services include publication of the applicant’s website URL; showcasing for at least two years on the ArtAscent website online exhibition; listing by name online for at least two years on the ArtAscent website artist/writer listing directory; and promotion on Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram.

Can I submit a piece that has been published elsewhere before?

Yes, a piece that has been published elsewhere is acceptable. However, please do not submit a piece to ArtAscent or ArtTreasury that we have previously published in the same. For example, if we’ve published a piece in any ArtAscent issue, do not submit it again to an ArtAscent call. You can, however, submit it to an ArtTreasury call.

Can my art include text?

Yes, an art submission can include words and poetry. The styling of the words within the piece would be juried as art.

Can I pair a poem and art for the themed call?

Yes, you can pair a story/poem with an image in the themed call submission when you select the Combo Set option. Combo Sets are juried as one entry. If selected, both the story/poem and one image are published together on a 2-page spread.

Can I submit as part of collaboration? What if two artists created this work?

Yes, for the themed calls you can submit with both names in the “Exact artist name to be published” field of the application form. For example: Sam Red & Pat Smith. In the “First name” and “Last name” fields, just enter yours – that’s just for admin purposes. There is only space for one published website, so you can choose which url best represents your collaborative work.

How will I receive notification regarding my submission?

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter which announces the list of selected artists and writers, upcoming calls, magazine issue releases and other important ArtAscent information. The ArtAscent newsletter announces the selection list about five weeks after the call deadline. Selected artists and writers also receive an email to preview their pages and respond within two days to correct any errors we may have made. Selection notifications to free calls are made prior to publication, and generally within one or two months.

Will I receive notification regarding the release of the new magazine?

The magazine is released in two stages.

The first stage is only to the selected artists and writers. They have 2 days to preview their magazine pages and respond with requests to correct any errors we may have made. Please note, this is not an opportunity to change what you supplied in your application— applications must include the best quality images and correct information. Digital copies are free to selected artists and writers.

The second stage is the public release of the magazine to everyone. This happens about 1 week after the first stage. The ArtAscent newsletter will announce to its subscribers the list of selected applicants and the new magazine’s official release. Print and digital copies are available via for purchase the ArtAscent newsletter and website links. All released issues are available by clicking on this website’s menu item titled Issues.

What do I do if there is a mistake in my published information?

You can make your change request by replying to any ArtAscent newsletter. All submissions are subject to editing. ArtAscent generally prefers not to publish profanity. Before purchasing magazine issues that contain your written works, read your work in the digital magazine version. If any edits were made to your piece and you strongly disagree with them, contact ArtAscent with your change request. ArtAscent editors make the final decision on what is published.

What accounts and logins should I have? And what is MagCloud?

In order to receive the ArtAscent newsletter, you subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter provides the selected applicants notification, magazine release notification and more helpful information. You only have to subscribe once. As long as you haven’t unsubscribed, you don’t need to subscribe for each call application.

In order to buy the ArtAscent or ArtTreasury magazine, you have an account on the MagCloud website. MagCloud is our third party distributor. If you need help with the magazine purchase process, your MagCloud account, print quality, shipping and handling, or lost items, you can contact MagCloud for support. Have on hand your order number, which is provided at the time of purchase. ArtAscent is not liable for MagCloud or any other third-party printing distribution service.

To receive the ArtAscent newsletter, you subscribe to the ArtAscent newsletter. It announces the list of selected artists and writers, upcoming calls, magazine issue releases and other important ArtAscent information.

To buy the ArtAscent magazine, you have an account on the MagCloud website. MagCloud is our third-party distributor. If you need help with the magazine purchase process, your MagCloud account, print quality, shipping and handling, or lost items, contact MagCloud for support. You can manage your MagCloud account at https://www.magcloud.com/login. ArtAscent does not have access to your MagCloud account.

My work is published in your magazine. Can I get free digital and/or print copies of the magazine?

Yes, we provide a free digital copy of the magazine to all selected applicants.

How will my work be used, will I be credited and will it be presented exactly as I send it?

The work will be used one time in one magazine issue, both print and digital versions. The work will be shared on our website, social sites and newsletters. Your work will be credited, and it may be edited to fit layouts. Magazine issue pages may be pictured in our marketing. For more detail, please read our Terms.

When is my work shared on ArtAscent’s social sites?

The posting of all themed-call selected artists and writers to the ArtAscent website usually happens about 6 weeks after the call deadline. The gradual posting of selected artists and writers to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram usually starts around 6 weeks after the call deadline and completes about 12 weeks after the call deadline. If you don’t want your work shared on social sites, please let us know in your application.

Do I retain the copyrights to my work?



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“Your existence is a blessing for all artists who know you. The way you make them known to the public is exceptional. I am happy and honoured. Thank you again!”

Gabiko IoMo

“I couldn’t imagine having my work published, then I was named the gold artist of the issue and I’ve never felt so proud. I really appreciate how easy it was to submit a piece with the online application. I was impressed with the questions y’all asked then what y’all were able to write in my feature profile using my given answers.”

August Barringer

“Appearing in ArtAscent is a real high—the intermingling of art and literary work somehow magnifies the effect, and it’s so handsomely and thoughtfully produced.”

Paula Bonnell

“I remain delighted with stories published in ArtAscent. It is such an attractive magazine, wonderful to see my work amongst such fantastic artwork. Original and special. If I pick up a magazine to show a friend a published piece of mine, I invariably choose ArtAscent.”

Pete Armstrong

“ArtAscent was the first magazine to accept one of my pieces. That was February 2020 (less than one year after I’d decided to start writing consistently and sharing it with the world). I’m so pleased to be included now for a second time in their August 2020 issue. Needless to say, so many things have changed—both personally and globally—in those few short months between now and my first publication. But, I’m still writing, still growing as an artist, and I’m grateful for ArtAscent for providing that space for my voice to be heard—a thing that is now perhaps more important for us artists than ever before. It’s easy to feel lost and confused—especially as an artist—during this tumultuous time, it’s easy to feel like it doesn’t matter. Still, ArtAscent reminds us every month (in glorious Technicolor!) that art exists, art matters, and art saves. I waited until I was thirty to start living my dream of being a writer, and if it hadn’t been for ArtAscent giving me that first “yes,” I might’ve gone on waiting.”

Natalie Beisner

“The work that you’ve done in putting this publication together is priceless. It speaks to so many different values that are represented in ART, and reminds viewers of their existence in a profound and meaningful way. ArtAscent manages to capture the big picture while paying attention to detail, making it a unique and exemplary platform. I am so grateful for being included in this group of exceptional, talented people.”

Margaret Wasiuta

“Thank you, Art Ascent. We do the work, and when it’s done, the best we can look for is the opportunity for our art and writing to be seen in a context where it may be appreciated. To see how it works. To reach a new audience. As I don’t always find that easy, it is so pleasing how well the unity in an issue’s theme serves to amplify its diversity. I feel like my work belongs, and especially enjoy just being able to sit and enjoy the beautifully printed publication. It’s an honor to be included with such good company.”

Paul Eric Johnson

“Your publication is important to all artists and art lovers. I would include ArtAscent as the most influential and supportive publication in my artistic journey since I returned to painting three years ago. Your publication has been like a wonderful friend who visits every couple of months to inspire, stretch my imagination and lift me up. As an art lover, ArtAscent has also been valuable in getting me in touch with other artists whose work I admire and have purchased. ArtAscent is well written, inspiring with its varying themes, available in high quality hard copies and is international in scope. What a great combination for a winning magazine. I especially love how ArtAscent recognizes and awards artists who take risks, which is so necessary and so much at the heart of why art moves us all. Thank you ArtAscent team for your skill, creativity, dedication and passion that delivers this bi-monthly gift to the world of art.”

Christine Columbo

“Sometimes there are people in life who give you something immeasurably precious – ArtAscent has done just that for me. This truly beautiful magazine has given me a platform to show my work on an international level. I live in a little house, in a little town tucked away in a little part of the North West of England and I feel honoured and very privileged to be amongst such talented photographers, artists, poets and writers from around the world. THANK YOU ArtAscent for all your hard work, your dedication and your care in producing such a wonderful magazine and being such a positive force in the world.”

Samantha Browne

“I am stunned (not to mention extremely thrilled) to have been selected by ArtAscent. I am amazed by all the superb art included in this issue. I deeply appreciate the comments by ArtAscent’s profile writer on my forest paintings. It is impossible to capture fully in a painted image or a photograph all the sensory experiences provided in that rich environment, or to assume that one has even come close. I feel blessed that my current work has elicited this positive response. I am progressing through additional paintings in the same series, and I am greatly encouraged and motivated by this accolade.”

Leah Dockrill

“I just wanted to say how awesome and professional ArtAscent’s profile of me and my work is. I am extremely impressed with the intellectual interpretation of art and ability to portray that to the reader, WOW. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your magazine, it is really appreciated.”

Robert Tokley

“Through a fantastically vibrant website, excellent digital layout and beautifully produced magazine, ArtAscent excels in their support of international artists and writers. I am delighted and honored to be included in their Portrait 2018 edition. Thank you so much ArtAscent for greatly widening the audience of my work in such a wonderfully dynamic way.”

Jo Hay

“I recently received my copy of the Patterns issue and I felt very honored to be included. The quality of the publication layout is excellent and the work presented – both written and visual – is outstanding. It gave me inspiration to raise the bar on my own work and to do more professional promotion.”

Barbara Hillerman Lieske

“I have great affection for publishing ventures that attempt something new, something suited to our times.”

Bieke Stengos

“Thank you for all the support you guys have provided over the last couple years. I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into putting these artworks together. You were the first publication to give me a chance to share my voice and I will never forget that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Zach Agnew

“ArtAscent is a profound exhibition of international art and literature. ArtAscent’s welcoming of the abstract, obscure and atypical could not be more organized and comforting. Far too often, creativity is stifled by unimaginative editors or conventional beliefs. ArtAscent is holding true to the values of artists by allowing their creativity to be exposed uninhibited internationally.”

P.M. Wrighter

“I’m thrilled to be included in your Hidden issue. It’s quite an honour to have my images among such strong and interesting work. Thanks for your support of artists!”

Stacy Gardner

“Wow, talk about service! I am thrilled that my collage piece “Brancusi’s Atelier” is part of such a stunningly beautiful magazine. I’m ordering my copy now, and I’m recommending ArtAscent to other fine writers.”

Gail Tyson

“Just received my paper issue of ArtAscent Red – definitely glad to be part of it. The art, writing, printing, and layout are superb! The artist submission requirements allowed for me to project a written in depth analysis of my drawings.”

Walter A. Fydryck

“ArtAscent has provided a unique opportunity to be presented with international visual artists while respectfully sharing interest with literary artists. This has been a unique rich experience. ArtAscent has validated my art and encouraged people to offer me opportunities for visually expressing my ideas with a wider range of people.”

Patricia Terrell-O’Neal

“Thank you ArtAscent for providing us artists (and writers) a platform to not only showcase our work, but to also indirectly engage in creative dialogue by having our works curated around a thoughtful theme.”

Yen Phang

“You were kind enough to award me the Gold Writer position in your 13th issue, Unknown. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the honor. I was particularly touched by the wonderful introduction to my work. I felt you truly understood what I was doing and that is so gratifying! This accomplishment is truly an encouragement ‘go for the gold’ with my writing! Thank you!”

Tamara Cline

“ArtAscent is stimulating, the images stunning and the written work varied and interesting. I am delighted to have had a poem of mine published in the Blue issue.”

Gabriel Griffin

“Thank you for choosing my work for the Pet’s exhibit! What a fantastic organization you are to provide the wonderful opportunity for artists to exhibit online, in print and then to archive the work for future collectors to see! I’m honored to be in the exhibit and I’m looking forward to seeing all the artwork.”

Cate Woodruff

“I would like to thank everyone who is behind ArtAscent for providing the opportunity to present my work, grow in confidence, dig deeper into my imagination and explore ways to better express myself. You have published my works in a previous issue titled “Hidden.” That motivated me to go through another long hours-session with my work and I am sure other artists and writers have felt the same positive inspiration.“

Petra Knezic

“I applied to your call under a very FUNNY threat of physical violence by one of my friends. She told me I had to submit my “Long Live The Queen” to your call or she would smack me with one of my own signs. She is a HUGE fan of ArtAscent. And also… I am no fan of being whacked with a sign.”

Jennifer Nicole

“I have to thank ArtAscent for its wonderful support of writers. And for acknowledging writing as an art form – not all quarters do. After being awarded Gold Artist recognition for writing in the ‘Figures’ issue, I finally feel able to say ‘writer’ instead of my day job when people ask me what I do. And to launch my writer’s website. Thank you, ArtAscent, for providing me with that confidence!”

Linda Hegland

“ArtAscent affords all artists the opportunity to expose a lifetimes’ preparation. An opportunity to expose oneself, along with ones’ work. An opportunity to realise ones’ dreams. Success. I’ve used every opportunity to uncover the preparations that have painted my vision. It took time for me to find opportunities that I was prepared for. Each day until I found them, I continued to prepare. To be me. ArtAscent bridges the gap between artists and their road to exposure; the road to yourself.”

Alex Steiner
London, United Kingdom

“On reading the artist profile article written about my art I felt an immediate sense of connection with the ArtAscent art critic. I feel the words beautifully articulate my art and its place in the world. I can’t express how much this review means to me. I will treasure it always.”

Aleta Lederwasch

“Thank you for presenting us artists with such an awesome opportunity and exposure that gives us a chance to succeed and actually earn a living doing what we love. This is truly huge and I cannot thank you guys enough.”

Roopa Dudley

“The magazine looks great, so well designed and such a clean layout. Thank you for the wonderful review of the work! Very excited, thanks again!”

Jeanne Donegan

“Digital painting is rich and diversified in expression, yet it’s usually assessed simply for technique, software, or effects. What I profoundly appreciate about ArtAscent is that you have clear criteria for considering art, including computer-assisted art—which remains (at least, for the moment) a very unclear task for many critics. Thank you for your high professionalism and subtle taste and the opportunity offered to visual artists to exhibit and create a valuable CV.”

Gabiko IoMo