Artist Interview call for entry

Promote yourself and your work in a beautiful magazine spread featuring you and your art.

Eligibility: Only those who have previously (in the past two years) applied to a paid ArtAscent themed or ArtTreasury call are eligible for this free promotional opportunity.

Share your story with a short article and some photos! Applying is free.*

Deadline: Ongoing

If Your Submission Is Accepted

Selected artists and writers are:

  • Published in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal which is available for purchase in print and digital form. (You get a free digital copy.) Your feature includes your interview, photos and artist/writer website link. Magazines are available long after initial release, so your exposure may continue for several years.
  • Possibly promoted on the ArtAscent FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest feeds.

How To Apply To This Artist Interview Feature

You must supply answers to the interview questions below.

You must supply photos (about 5 to 8, at least 1500 pixels on any one side). Your photos must include:

  • You. (2 or more photos.)
  • Your art/writing.

Your photos must be:

  • File type: Jpg.
  • Name your files in this style: ArtistInterview_LastNameFirstName_ImageTitle.jpg.
  • Each file shouldn’t exceed 7MB, total file upload cannot exceed 60MB. Images must be at least 1500 pixels on one side. (The larger the file, the larger it can be in the magazine. Full pages require at least 2200 x 2750 pixels.)

The Artist Interview Feature submission process includes submission of application form, submission review, submission editing, possible publication in ArtAscent magazine, and possible publication on website and/or social media. Selection of Artist Interview Feature applicants is independent of selection of paid ArtAscent themed call applicants.

*Only those who have submitted an ArtAscent themed call application and fee in the past two years are eligible.