Writer S.B. Borgersen’s Success Story and ArtAscent’s Involvement

“It really feels like an ascent. Still climbing, the clouds almost touchable, the view becoming quite extraordinary and still not out of breath. It has been a busy year.” This is how Sue Borgersen begins her story In The Ascent, as posted in her blog.

An emerging writer and artist, Sue has participated in several ArtAscent artist and writer calls. One of her winning stories was inspired by her Mother, who will soon to be celebrating her 90th birthday. Happy Birthday Sue’s Mom! Look for Sue’s stories in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal at www.artascent.com, and click on Magazine Issues at the top of the page.

Sue mentions that ArtAscent “is a magazine with a classy feel and even classier look. It is a keeper. All contributors get their contact and web details published alongside their art or writing. The editorial staff are superb. It is also timeless in a way; unlike other magazines, previous issues can be purchased.”

To read this story in Sue’s blog, visit www.sueborgersen.com.

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