Jan Creelman

ArtAscent Distinguished Artist of the 2021 Winter call for artists

Distinguished Artist of the ArtAscent Winter call for entry. To see this in print, grab a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Winter issue.

Artist Statement

My purpose in art is not to produce a product but rather to generate thinking and emotions through the process of resistance, introspection, and contemplation. Batik is created with wax and interfering shapes that prevent dyes from penetrating the medium of choice. In photography, I am drawn to images which reflect lines, motion, and light. Art is organic and dynamic — it is always shifting, active, incomplete, and always becoming. It continuously invites me out to a much larger home than I can imagine belonging to in the first place.

About My Work

The process of batik involves hot wax applied to fabric, paper, or wood by various means. The wax seals the medium it encounters, so when dyes are introduced, they will only permeate those areas that contain no wax. The new dried, dyed areas are then also waxed to seal the new colour, more dye is added, and the process is repeated. The wax is then removed by ironing through newsprint and if necessary, by dry-cleaning. I use Procion MX dyes, well known for their depth and longevity of colour. Commissions welcome!


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