Kate Greenway

ArtAscent Silver Artist of the 2022 Cold call for artists.

Kate Greenway captures a glimpse of nature with its inhabitants and creates a sensitive look into the life and motion of living beings— her precise brush strokes merge with dreamy shades and open the path to a realistic dreamscape.

Kate makes us feel the surroundings and the possible sensations of the animals in her paintings. In Dashing Through the Snow, the wild passion and sincere pleasure of the sled dog literally jumps into the eyes of the spectator.

Forest Stillness mirrors the suggestion of its title. It is a brief moment of mutual acknowledgment, a moment of pause between the deer and the voyeur of this painting. Continuing beyond the first connection, one can see the frost forming around these two animals— the mother and its fawn—as if the observer would look through a frozen window. This visual statement of cold almost allows us to hear the clear silence of a day outside in winter.

In contrast to Kate’s other paintings, Winter Perch has a clear pop of colour, introducing a small red bird sitting on the edge of a branch, round and fluffed up to resist the brisk cold. Through its light sparkling blue and the warming red of the bird, this painting combines a supple focus of simplicity with a sharp sense of harshness that winter months can sometimes bring along.

A recurring method Kate engages in is the inclusion of white spaces, an invitation for the audience to paint in their own story—a blank canvas to be filled by the observer’s imagination, a friendly push to wonder what might wait in the background.

Kate shows her special attention to detail throughout her paintings and guides the viewer’s eye through fine brush strokes. A shared approach to nature can be found in Joseph Zbukvic, a painter who shares similar mindfulness of light and the creation of dream worlds for the main subjects in his paintings. One can witness the surroundings gently fading into the background and leaving some spaces for the viewer’s imagination.

Kate Greenway is a self-taught artist who specializes in watercolour techniques and includes forms of glass in her artwork. She completed a Master’s and Ph.D. in Arts Education. Some of her recent exhibitions include Women’s Art Association of Canada Small Gems and En Plein Air (Artists’ Choice), Newmarket Juried Art Exhibition, Grey Cube Gallery Blue (Honorable Mention), Gallery 1313 Emerging Artists Show, and Gallery Ring Online Juried Art Exhibition Animal (Crystal Award).

Kate Greenway is the Silver Artist of the ArtAscent Cold call for artists. To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Cold issue.


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