Rachael Craigmyle

The Last Inn

Where on earth is the bus? Sitting underneath an ebony sky, there was nothing around Jake save the bench he was perched upon. He felt engulfed by the mist and soaked beyond bones. He wound his scarf higher, trying his best to create a barrier against the raindrops that dripped relentlessly down his neck. Screw it, I’ll walk…

The living classic of horror genre, Stephen King, claimed, “We make up horrors to helps us cope with the real ones.” We can do nothing but agree with his thought as we note the growing popularity of horror literature, which attracts increasingly talented contemporary writers like Rachael Craigmyle.

Rachael Craigmyle is the Gold Writer of the ArtAscent Spooky call for writers. To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Spooky issue.

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