Salvatore Arnoldo

Another Green World

The Green King has retreated, into the swamps; resting on furniture of moss, lying in beds of lugworms which seep up out of the tender, black mud of the banks to heed him. His shattered royalty. He’s seated on a throne made from a broken tree in the middle of the swamp, a jagged sitting-stool blackened and splintered from a lightning strike long ago…

Osiris is an Egyptian god of the afterlife and of resurrection at the same time. He was traditionally shown with a green complexion, since green is connected with the idea of rebirth. This ancient symbolism celebrates the regenerative power of nature, becoming an inspiration for this writing by Salvatore Arnoldo.

Salvatore Arnoldo is the Gold Writer of the ArtAscent “Green” call for writers. To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal “Green” issue.

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