Call for artists and writers: Emotion themed call. Apply until January 31.

Apply to the “EMOTION” international call for artists and writers. Call closes December 31, 2023.

Emotion fills, lifts, erupts, freezes, floods, and empties us. Are we emotions, or are feelings simply impulses that appear and disappear from our consciousness? Does emotion take us to a higher plane of existence or simply along a preprogrammed path? What are we without these feelings? How do we express them? Are they contagious? What in our environment triggers them?  Share your interpretation of what is or inspires EMOTION.

If your work is selected you will be:

  • Announced as one of the selected artists/writers in the ArtAscent newsletter.
  • Published in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal – a beautiful collectable keepsake that is available in digital and print long after the release date. Your showcase includes your artist/writer website link and at least one of your submitted pieces.
  • Showcased for at least two years on the ArtAscent website online exhibition, including your artist/writer website link.
  • Listed by name online for at least two years on the ArtAscent website artist/writer listing directory.
  • Promoted on the ArtAscent FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram sites (unless you opt out in the application form)

Selected artist works are featured as follows:

Gold Artist (1), Gold Writer (1), Silver Artist (1), Bronze Artist (1)

  • Featured in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal with an accompanying professional review and profile written by our art writer discussing you and your artwork, and selected piece(s) of your artwork.

Distinguished Artists (Up to 27 artists and 9 writers)

  • Featured in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal with selected piece(s) of your artwork.

Submitted work can include visual art – paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, digital, printmaking, installations, ceramics, fabric, jewelry, sculpture, and other 2- and 3-dimensional media – and written art – fiction, poetry, short stories and other written explorations (up to 1,800 words).

  • We do not represent artists or sell their work. Any purchase inquiries will be referred directly to the artist.
  • Your submission must be your original creation.
  • Your submission may be previously published by others, but not by us.
  • All artists 18 years and older can apply.
  • If submitting more than one image, they can be images of different artworks or various views of the same artworks, it’s up to you. ArtAscent will choose which of your images to include, if you are selected for publication.
  • Our calls for artists do not support video or sound. Good photography that documents interactive or performance art may be submitted.
  • All application images and stories submitted to ArtAscent remain the property of the artist and the artist retains the copyright. Applicants agree that ArtAscent may feature their submitted entry for display, marketing, promotions, and exhibition archives worldwide and for all time. We will credit each artist with their name, artwork title and media, website, photographer credit, and gallery if requested.

All work is evaluated based on the vision as relates to the submission theme. Submissions including diverse interpretations of the theme will be considered. The beauty of art is that 100 artists can look at the same thing and interpret it in completely unique ways. That’s what can make it breathtaking.

The submission process includes application fee, application form, submission review and jurying, article editing, and selected artists publication in ArtAscent magazine, website and online social media. Each call is juried independently, so previously selected artists have equal opportunity of being selected again. The focus is on creating a strong and diverse collection of work that explores the call theme.

Tip: Keep a copy of your application information in case you need to use it again (and save time on future applications).

  • Newsletter announcement of selected artists and writers – About 5 weeks after the call deadline. You must sign up for the newsletter in order to get this notification.
  • Newsletter announcement of magazine release – About 6 weeks after the call deadline. You must sign up for the newsletter in order to get this notification.
  • Posting of selected artists and writers to the website – About 6 weeks after the call deadline.
  • Posting of selected artists and writers to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – Started around 6 weeks after the call deadline and completed around 12 weeks after the call deadline.

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Apply in 3 steps:

1. Submit the application form.

2. Choose one of the payment options.

(Yes, you can apply to both the artist and writers calls and submit both art images and stories, or more than one story – just complete the process separately for each. If you want both your image and story juried as a set to occupy a 2-page spread, choose Combo Set.) The PayPal account name or email might be different from yours – if so, enter it into the application form so that we can match your payment to your application. PayPal will send you a payment confirmation email. If you don’t receive it, check with PayPal to ensure successful payment.


Submit 1 Image – $25

Submit 2-3 Images – $45

Submit 4-8 Images – $85

Stories & Poems

Submit 1 Story/Poem up to 400 words – $20

Submit 1 Story/Poem up to 900 words – $40

Submit 1 Story/Poem up to 1,800 words – $80

Combo Set: Art + Story/Poem

Submit 1 Story/Poem up to 400 words + 1-2 Images – $65

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