Wendy Fee

Fee_Wendy—ArtAscent Silver Artist of the 2023 Abstract call for artists.

A blue flow of sensations clears the spectator’s mind into a pool of calmness. Wendy Fee combines pure colours into a refreshing understanding of the viewer’s ability to see beyond the frame, to find peace within oneself guided by the shared wonders we live in.

Wendy’s works Sea Lair, Coral Mosaic and Blue My Mind immediately transfer the viewer into a world of imagination. The merging of colours and forms allows the mind to wander and create a new reality.

Wendy uses acrylic paint as a base and layering material. Next, the artist implements rice paper to build the shapes depicted in the images. This technique makes it possible to create an almost lifelike experience of gazing into the sea and smelling the salty water breezes.

Wendy takes inspiration from two female artists: Joan Mitchell, a colourfully brave painter and Helen Frankenthaler, a lively artist with a sensitive understanding of colour use. Both flourished from the mid-20th to the early 21st century as abstract expressionists. This influence is visible in Wendy’s work with a contemporary and active touch—visible through the mentioned technique of creating texture on canvas and the interweaving way of working with colours.

In Wendy’s work, the audience has the pleasure of being guided into deep waves of the restorative power of nature—like taking a deep breath in the forest’s lungs or resting one’s eyes on the ocean’s surface. The way Wendy creates gives each painting an organic optic and an immediate connection to nature. Her images allow the imagination to easily climb the most graceful mountains, feeling a renewed energy. Each of the paintings is individually strong and at the same time, presents a uniting sense of finding power in the calm and unknown—representing the human mind and nature’s unpredictability.

Wendy’s portfolio clearly states the importance of fantasy and freedom of thought and expression. Her art transforms and translates a vision of abstractingeveryday life and sharing new inspirations. The immersive images of nature accompany Wendy’s paintings, which capture the attention with the calm power only witnessed on a stormy night by the sea.

Wendy Fee is originally from Montreal and obtained an Executive MBA from Athabasca University in Alberta. 2013, she became a member of The Montreal Art Centre and divides her time between studios in Montreal and The Bahamas. Wendy is a signature member of the International Society of Experimental Artists.

Wendy Fee is the Silver Artist of the ArtAscent Abstract call for artists. To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Abstract issue.


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