ZaHaVa Sherez

Zahava Sherez—ArtAscent Silver Artist of the 2024 Future call for artists.

The sculptures by ZaHaVa Sherez convey a message of inner strength and radiance. They mirror human forms and the power that comes from within. ZaHaVa’s working methods engage the audience in her constantly evolving art and spirituality.

In her latest project, InBodied Light, ZaHaVa showcases sculptures made from resin and bronze. This material lends the sculptures a sense of glowing from within. The sculptures have an uneven texture and twisted shapes that create the illusion of movement, particularly upwards towards the sky. The sculptures stand proud like flourishing plants, which continue into grounded sensations that can be a gift for everyone influenced by this fast-paced society. ZaHaVa’s art transports a fluid and ever-changing calmness, like a river running through the mountains. A softness that has the power to open our perceptions and unify all the disparities we see in this world.

In this work, ZaHaVa engages with established norms embedded in today’s society—labels that separate humankind based on ethnicity, colour, and gender. She wants to visualize the message ‘we are all one’ through her sculptures. The sculptures are faceless, ageless, and gender-neutral, offering a common ground for reflection. ZaHaVa creates an open platform for asking questions, and her art provides a space for fearless collaboration and change.

Isamu Noguchi also portrayed the strength art can produce in his architecture, landscape, and lighting design. Often recognized for his lamp designs, he explored emotional expression while maintaining an element of mystery. ZaHaVa work also echnos Olgade Amaral, who creates with various materials such as textiles, paint, and metals. Olga moulds them into precious and seemingly fluid sculptures that embody a liveliness you can also witness and feel in ZaHaVa’s art pieces.

ZaHaVa was born in Argentina, raised in Israel, and lived in the United States. Since 2018, her life and work have been based in Jalisco, Mexico. ZaHaVa is a sculptor who has worked with clay, stone, and mixed media. For InBodied Light, she initially worked with clay and then cast the final pieces with resin and bronze. ZaHaVa Sherez received multiple awards; the most recent include American Women Artists, 2023 Annual Online Juried Show, 2023 Open The Salmagundi Club, London Art Biennale 2023, and Exhibizone Art Exhibitions, Diversia, Human Rights (online).

ZaHaVa Sherez is the Silver Artist of the ArtAscent Future call for artists. To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Future issue.

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