Aleta Lederwasch


There is a moment, when the eye first falls on one of Aleta Lederwasch’s drawings of female nudes, when the mind flutters back briefly to the nudes of Egon Schiele, prompted by the similar exaggerated elongation of the figures, the slight angularity to the bodies’ curves, and their familiar linearity. But where Schiele’s frequently androgynous women exude a coldly in-your-face sexuality occasionally bordering on vulgar, Lederwasch’s women are almost inviting in comparison. If Schiele’s female nudes celebrated the id (an idea his fellow Austrian Sigmund Freud would have most certainly embraced), Lederwasch’s nudes have an air of romantic delicacy, even coziness, if you will, about them. Aleta Lederwasch is the Gold Artist of the ArtAscent “Figures” Call For Artists! Read about her and her works in the Figures edition of ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal.