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Christine Columbo

Portraiture is based on subtle connections between a model and its representation. British painter Lucian Freud once said, I would wish my portraits to be of the people, not like them.” Christine Columbo embraces this challenge with the empathic approach. It takes more than a talent for capturing something from nature to create an authentic, […]

Mike T Cherry

Fine art and photography have been in complicated relations since the latter’s invention. First, photographers followed the language of painting, but after the spread of technology, the situation has changed. Mike T Cherry’s art evidences the influence of photography on artistic practices. Mike’s creative manner is rooted in the principles of hyperrealism, a style that […]

Nozomi Hasegawa

In her series of striking shellac-on-paper compositions, artist Nozomi Hasegawa pushes the boundaries of the meaning of a portrayal by emphasizing the passage of time and the transience of the image. Building this series from the notion that the portrait is often defined as an enduring likeness of a subject or model, Nozomi breaks from […]

Natalie Beisner

Woman Home I want to carry her body. By her legs and her hands. I want to step inside her and feel around, ultra-alert to all her aches and pains, and what they might mean. Like a parent toward a child who is growing up too damn fast. … Distinguished Writer of the ArtAscent Portraits […]

Ginny Short

Still Life with Pioneer Mather Your smile frames an air of sophistication– Hat deftly perched on hair trying to escape its braids Shawl cascading over one arm Your baby girl with tiny black boots kicking joy…</]… Distinguished Writer of the ArtAscent Portraits call for entry. To see the full body of work, grab a copy […]

Yvette Young

Portrait of Myself I was born in Kenya in 1952. The weather was torrid, and I was the third child. I had two older brothers and was to go on to have two younger sisters. Our house was fine, on the outskirts of Nairobi. I had a verandah, and the ground was dirt brown… Distinguished […]

Rober Iulo

A Photo of Some Italian Women As I moved an old family album from one shelf to another, a photo slipped out. I was familiar with it and remembered when it was taken on Mott near Prince Street. That was the heart of Little Italy in the 1960s. There they were—the ladies of my old […]