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Shelley Hakonson

When it comes to modern art, viewers often struggle to connect to its principles, believing it to be far-fetched and detached from reality. Yet, abstract artists like Shelley Hakonson, demonstrate that representing reality isn’t about copying it, but researching the multitudes of its essense. Shelley Hakonson is the Gold Artist of the ArtAscent Abstract call […]

Beatrix Koch

Alice’s Adventure in Geometry Land I had a dream The most confusing, scary, and surreal dream. In my dream, I was little, as small as a tiny pencil point. The place where I lived seemed a big universe with lines, points and circles. I felt like a mouse in a trap, but this trap was […]

Sophie Anne Wyth

Pablo Picasso is believed to have said: “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward, you can remove all traces of reality.” This is true for Sophie Anne Wyth, who chooses their own subjective reality as a starting point. Sophie Anne Wyth is the Silver Artist of the ArtAscent Abstract call […]

David Solomita

Throughout his career, David Solomita has retained a strong focus on abstraction and ambiguity within his artworks. His photographs revolve around light, colour, and volume. David’s unique, geometric and abstract images are intended to be lived in and played with David Solomita is the Bronze Artist of the ArtAscent Abstract call for artists. To see […]

Chistopher O’Meara

The Muse ”So, tell me,” the reporter says “how did you and Miss Elle Brunswick come to meet?” “Well,” I say, elongating the one syllable, “she ran around in circles, and I love circles.” Unlike the man before me, Elle had no angle. She was an old-money socialite in the purest sense of the word: […]

Natalie Beisner

They Always Love Her Best –from far away. That is her finest light. They never say as much with their mouths, but she has learned to hear them anyway, learned to listen for the sound of their footsteps going always and away. She has heard enough to understand that when she lets them get too […]

Dianalee Velie

A Seasonal Education The crisp fall air was strikingly refreshing, especially after a three-hour lecture course in a classroom where the average steam-heated temperature was 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The campus workmen were busy blowing the freshly fallen leaves into huge piles at the top of the hill. The thought suddenly occurred to her to jump […]

Karla Linn Merrifield

Abstract Triptych She breathed a dream of absinthe. Yes, a softened bell of alabaster turned the page. An Abyssinian afterthought pursued the blue oblivion… Distinguished Writer of the ArtAscent Abstract call for entry. To see the full body of work, grab a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Abstract issue.