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August Barringer

There is a blurring concept, constantly evolving and questioned in its abstract nature: gender. Artists such as August Barringer raise questions about gender dichotomy and challenge the binary model of mainstream society. They can do so through the power of abstract art. August’s installation Effulgence is a striking example of this. August Barringer is the […]

Alex Steiner

Humble π If you pay attention long enough, you’ll find circles in everything. From the embryo that patterned you, to the patterns designing natures’ abstract markings. The eyes capturing this world and the planets’ spheres, lighting the distance. And, ever since I started my proof, I can’t seem to escape its circular constants. The equation […]

Stella Guan

Stella Guan invites us into the often blocked and difficult to navigate domain of mental struggles. Stella’s paintings guide the spectator to the context of an inner and outer self, connecting both worlds boldly and vigorously. With abstract art tools, Stella’s images have the power to coax from each observer a personal interpretation. The randomness […]

Syl Arena

Conventionally, the ties of photography with reality are never questioned since the camera’s shutter seems to fix the surface of a moment. However, artists like Syl Arena push photography’s capacity for abstract expression. Syl Arena is the Bronze Artist of the ArtAscent Abstract call for artists. To see the full body of work and profile, […]

S. B. Borgersen

The Erasure of Delphine’s Bridge The bluesman sings Delphine into the dark. Watching nothing. Rolling tongue around the lyrics. His eyes, slo-mo, as the harmonica weeps its way in with the bridge—asking questions—where she has been and why don’t she love him no more? He sees her then red-haloed lit, under his eyelids. Ain’t had […]

Freek Sanders

The “What” and “Why” of Human Poetry Words as symbolical material are under ever-increasing scrutiny. As 7.8 billion users usher sounds in sequences that reveal information, the likelihood of misunderstandings increases. This situation is further complicated by the emergence of so-called chat bots; one of the first ones being Eliza… Distinguished Writer of the ArtAscent […]

Susan Nickerson

Donor Cells “Attention please,” the voice boomed over the loudspeaker. “There will be a meeting of all adult stem cells in fifteen minutes. We will be meeting in Auditorium A, located in the lower-left hip. All must attend.” Great, I thought as I chugged along with other worn out cells as we sluggishly made our […]