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Robert Iulo

Duke My father whistled and said, “Here, Boy.” I thought he was calling me. As I went to him, a Boxer puppy ran between my legs, and we both fell in a tangle of limbs. That’s how Duke and I met. I was four years old, and he was eight weeks… Distinguished Writer of the […]

Pete Armstrong

Dynamism of Dogs on a Leash On Tuesday morning, I walked the canal path. After the road bridge and before the power plant, there is a stretch hidden from town. Tree roots crisscross beneath your feet, rivulets trickle down the cliffs, and across the water, pine trees and firs line the slight incline to the […]

Theresa Gage

Buddies Out of all the dogs at the pound. Max was the quietest. I brought him home, and Paws, our toy poodle, trembled and hid under the end table. Max was a nine-month-old yellow lab and was three times the size of our toy poodle. Paws jumped into my daughter’s lap, and to our surprise, […]

Paula Bonnell

Augustly At the Ipswich River canoe livery, you wait in line to hire a canoe. They will take you two, four, six miles upriver… Distinguished Writer of the ArtAscent Animals call for entry. To see the full body of work, grab a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Animals issue. www.paulabonnell.net


Terminus We were done shopping for groceries, and it started getting dark. It was twilight around 4.30pm on a rainy day at the end of November. I was carrying two bags filled with food, yet my children insisted on doing a detour through the park. Well, why not. The bags were heavy, I was tired, […]