Chynna Laird

Beauty in Love

Many of us define beauty in terms of what we see, not what we feel. This makes sense since what we see gives us a complete picture. It’s touchable and real. What we often forget, however, is that how we individually interpret what we see stems from the feelings that surface when we take in a setting, object, or person…

In “Beauty in Love,” author Chynna Laird reveals a transformative moment in her youth that helped her realize the beauty within when exposed to the true beauty of love. Chynna’s story of beauty will undoubtedly resonate with many readers as it brings to mind any painful moment in life when we faced personal struggle.

Chynna Laird is the Gold Writer of the ArtAscent Beauty call for writers. To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Beauty issue.

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