ArtAscent Artist of the Youth call for artists

One of the Most Significant Accolades in My Art Career

I feel privileged to have been designated GOLD ARTIST in the YOUTH issue of ArtAscent.

Leah with ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal

It is one of the most significant accolades in my art career that spans approximately thirty years. The images I chose to submit for consideration are three figurative works, painted in watercolour, and based on three of my young nieces, now adults, with children of their own.

I had hoped the pieces would be considered suitable for publication, but that they would earn this level of recognition was certainly beyond my imaginings. I greatly appreciate the thoughtful comments of art historian, and doctoral candidate, Oleksandra Osadcha, whose review accompanies my images.

The journal’s mandate is to showcase international writers of fiction and poetry, and visual artists whose art practices cover the whole spectrum of creative work. The selections that have earned distinction in this, the thirty-second volume, are representative of the entire body of work that constitutes the ArtAscent collection. It is humbling for me to be included with the amazing people who have created all this. I would urge artists and writers to respond to the regular calls for submission, and all like-minded art enthusiasts to become familiar with this superb publication.

By Leah Dockrill
ArtAscent Art & Literature “Youth” Issue (August 2018) Gold Artist

Artist Giovanni Armenio Says ArtAscent Publication Is An Important Career Milestone

Upon completing my artwork titled “Everlasting,” I felt satisfaction that the piece captured a profound and enigmatic spiritual story. “Everlasting” is an explosion of the soul that reaches beyond the limits of life and death – the light generated by each of us.

Magazine in Armenio's studio

I have known about ArtAscent for a while and always enjoy browsing works of quality artists and writers in each wonderful issue. Each issue is a very interesting read, and I enjoy discovering each new theme. When I learned of the ArtAscent “Magnificence” call for artists, I felt that it was perfect for my piece. Would its meaning be understood? I was extremely happy to see that it was, and that my work was selected and published in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal volume 12.

I am very proud to now be a part of this beautiful magazine. Seeing my work especially on the cover of ArtAscent helped me realize that the meaning of my work can reach many people. This is an important milestone in my career as an artist. I will always be grateful to ArtAscent for providing recognition of my thoughts, imagination, and person.

The quality of the ArtAscent magazine and staff, the magazine’s artistic and cultural value, the honour to be published in ArtAscent, and the entire experience can be summed up in one word: Magnificence!

Giovanni Armenio

By Giovanni Armenio
ArtAscent Art & Literature “Magnificence” Issue Distinguished Artist