The artists and writers selected as ArtAscent Gold from ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal issues.

Jason Gibbs

Shining Beacon

He remembered her. Her mind was a shining beacon in the darkness. They’d met, banally, at a bar, and begun talking. Soon they were sharing intimacies as if they’d known each other for years. He’d told her so much, and she had reciprocated. He thought that – finally – his long night was over. “Look, we’ve had a great time, but it’s over.” The words still hurt him. He knew why she’d said them; he’d tried to explain what he saw. “The world is dark. Everyone carries…

As a representative of a style labeled “flash fiction,” Jason Gibbs writes short stories that are often preoccupied with the idea of darkness in the world. A mystery entitled “Shining Beacon,” explores the concept of evil as the author has “often wondered if those who do evil things see the world in a different way from the rest of us” in order to comprehend “whether darkness was the source of bad intentions.” Jason Gibbs is the Gold Writer of the ArtAscent “Dark” Call For Writers! To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal “Dark” issue. 

Aleta Lederwasch


There is a moment, when the eye first falls on one of Aleta Lederwasch’s drawings of female nudes, when the mind flutters back briefly to the nudes of Egon Schiele, prompted by the similar exaggerated elongation of the figures, the slight angularity to the bodies’ curves, and their familiar linearity. But where Schiele’s frequently androgynous women exude a coldly in-your-face sexuality occasionally bordering on vulgar, Lederwasch’s women are almost inviting in comparison. If Schiele’s female nudes celebrated the id (an idea his fellow Austrian Sigmund Freud would have most certainly embraced), Lederwasch’s nudes have an air of romantic delicacy, even coziness, if you will, about them. Aleta Lederwasch is the Gold Artist of the ArtAscent “Figures” Call For Artists! Read about her and her works in the Figures edition of ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal.

Ney Milá

ArtAscent "Mother Earth" call Gold Artist

Deforestation isn’t a necessarily new narrative in the annals of art history – 19th century naturalist painters often depicted themes of industrialization and civilization as the ruin of nature, and other iterations of this theme most certainly existed even before them. Nevertheless, it is a subject as resonant today as it was in the early Industrial Age, and it is a narrative photographer Ney Milá pursues quietly, to powerful effect, in his straightforwardly entitled series Deforestation. Ney Milá is the Gold Artist of the ArtAscent “Mother Earth” call for artists. To see the full body of work, grab a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal “Mother Earth” issue.

Hannah Moore


Hannah Moore’s series Containment has the visual impact of stumbling upon a crime scene – a disembodied arm scrabbling to free itself from a boot, a face bulging from the rusted gash of a bucket, a body lamenting its entrapment amid the detritus crammed into a cooler – and yet it somehow manages simultaneously to offer optimism, a sense that, were they to continue to push, pull, and contort themselves, these unfortunate folks might actually have a chance. Hannah Moore is the Gold Artist of the ArtAscent “Emergence” call for artists. To see the full body of work and profile, get a copy of the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal “Emergence” issue.