A loft to get lost in | Rusty Sherrill

After graduating from art school in Tampa, Florida, I worked briefly in my home state before moving to California. I worked as an artist in the clothing industry for 25 years before striking out on my own. Now I am painting full-time, showing in galleries, and working on my novel, Kid Nitro and the Sinister Slorp.

My studio space is a loft. My wife and I moved to the mountains four years ago for the peace and quiet, and because it’s a lot cheaper than Orange County! All of this helps my creativity. My studio is a place where I go to lose myself in my own world and thoughts.

My creative vision allows my imagination to run wild to see what happens. I draw from a childhood love of monsters, aliens, superheroes, finks and weirdos. Combining those images with my arguably adult mind, I convey different perspectives on very serious subjects. I aspire to make people think in a way they might not have before by reaching out and grabbing them with powerful images. Then I pull them into my world where they are free to find their own way, explore and discover new things, wallow around in this place for a while and see what happens.

By Rusty Sherrill
Rusty Sherrill was born in Lakeland, United States in 1962 and is currently based in Big Bear City, United States.

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